Creative Culinary Tours is now offering both week and weekend culinary get aways throughout New England, Tennessee and California. A Creative Culinary Tour vacation will be a wonderful getaway for anyone who loves outstanding food and destinations.

Chris Donnelly
Creative Culinary Tours/ was founded by Chris Donnelly, owner of Sugar Tours, Inc. Chris has been part of the group travel industry for over twenty years with a specialty in sightseeing tours. In addition, Chris has been producing educational programming for Elderhostel (Adult Lifelong Learning) for over ten years. Included in his many programs are several interesting and educational food programs. Chris has worked in the restaurant industry since the age of 15. His varied background include many fine establishments in New Jersey and Vermont. His experience is deversified and widespread. He has done everything from waiting tables, cooking, table side dining to wine sales. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States including many of the fine wine regions in California, Oregon, Washington and Niagara. His appreciation and love for food and wine make him a success in the food tour business. He has extensively led groups throughout New England and California. Working with many of the states gourmet and fine foods associations, he brings you back stage access to many fine food companies during your travels.
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